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Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin delivered the Oration of Religion and Culture, held at the Main Auditorium of IAIN Purwokerto, the event was held on Friday (10/2).  In his oration attended by the Rector of various universities throughout Indonesia and hundreds of participants, the minister conveyed his views and ideas as a response to the current religious condition in Indonesia.

According to him, religion should be placed as a factor that serves to assemble pluralism. So that the integrity of the Indonesian nation can be well preserved, because it needs to be realized by the people that Indonesia has always been inhabited by a religious society.

Besides, religion comes from God, when religion is understood by man, human reason will not be able to accept completely. Therefore the minister hopes that humans should not pretend or consider themselves the most correct in interpreting the Religion.

Furthermore, man must be able to give space possibilities on every thing, even on something that has been believed to be a truth. This is according to the minister because, different social and geographic contexts will affect the product of a truth interpretation.

Ability to interpret is also an important factor, according to the minister of certain prerequisites must be owned so that the product of interpretation can be used as a reference of truth.

In that occasion, the minister also advised that in living life, not only oriented in the past. The past should serve as something that can be developed. “Most importantly, today’s human obligation is to prepare a tradition of better tradition”, he concluded.

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